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    CSH ID dies when variable values are changed

      In RH7 I use variables for product names. I also use map IDs for context-sensitive help. And I output to .chm.

      Problem is that when I change the value of one or more variables, the first map Id I have created in the project "dies". By "dies" I mean that the map ID becomes invisible to the application with which the .chm is going to be used. Only the first map ID created in the project (in my case always called # 1) appears to be affected; other map IDs appear to still be recognized by the application.

      In RH7 everything looks fine: The problematic map ID is listed in my CSH setup as well as in the header file BSSCDefault.h. So (apart from CSH obviously no longer working as intended when the .chm is embedded in the application) you need a tool like Htmlhelp Forensics http://www.codeproject.com/KB/winhelp/htmlhelp.aspx to catch the problem.

      When you test the .chm with Htmlhelp Forensics, it becomes evident that applications can no longer see the afftected map ID.

      Anybody else experienced that their CSH doesn't work after they changed variable values?