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    Flex Charting from 2 to 3

    Gene Godsey Level 1
      I have a Platnium license and we upgraded from Flex 2 to Flexbuilder 3 Pro.
      We had both Flex Builder 2 and Charting 2.
      On one computer the Flex 3 Professional Upgrade charting works fine and on the other computer which is the work development system I get "Flex Charting Trial" as a watermark in the compiled application when I write a charting.mxml file.

      There appears to be a problem with the Flex Builder IDE. I have already uninstalled the application and reinstalled it. I may try to to the same thing to different directories but I was hoping somebody may shed some light on this subject if they was any other simular occurances.

      Thanks in advance,

      Gene Godsey