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    Custom Interactive map with zoom and overlay?

      I am pretty new to Flash/Flex, and want to create a simple interactive map with several regions with sub-regions that I can zoom in on and colour in distinct colours based on the status of each region and sub-region.

      I found an excellent example for it covering the US, illustrated here: http://hosted.ap.org/specials/election_night_2008/election_map_premium/index.html?SITE=VGN OELN

      I wish to do a similar colouring of small regions (compare with counties and states) in my flex application. How do you think they do the different colouring of the states and counties?
      - Do I need to use Flash, or can this be done with Flex?
      - Do I need to make several copies of each region with for instance transparent images where they overlay each on top of eachother?

      Hope someone have some quick pointers to the conceptuals, I can probably figure it out if I only know how to approach the problem! If anybody know of some great tutorials or books, that would be awesome!