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    Help "Ted Patrick", Flex Evangelist, Adobe Systems

      Ted patrick is trying to save Flex from Silverlight attack. Why don't you go and help him?


      Anyway, I think that it's really nice discussion about the advantages/disadvantages of using Flex and Silverlight.

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          Gregory Lafrance Level 6
          Flex will win Silverlight will lose, simply because Microsoft is too big and cludgy to get anything done. Just like Java++ and Sun's Java, SilverLight will never beat Flex. AIR will put even further distance between Flex an Silverlight.
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            Ansury Level 3
            Wow, they are really locked into the MS technologies aren't they?

            Hard to bash SL without having used or seen it yet... but I love how everyone says "Silverlight will do this and this and this and this"... Then by the time they get it, it will have "this and this and this" bug in it, and 'this and this and this" limitation or design shortfall. Right now they're all talk - let's see it work, heh. It's not as easy as it seems.

            Then they complain about how Flex's .NET integration isn't that great -- like they expect Microsoft to make Silverlight's Java integration to be better? (Everyone knows MS loves Java...) Hahaha... what's different?
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              srn098 Level 1
              cool.. Flex will win? but why don't you put your thoughts in the link that i gave you earlier? The discussion over there become really interesting.. so, if you have good idea about why Flex is better than Silverlight, you should tell them.. I didn't see Ted's reply lately so I think he is tried now.. or lose.. :) If you guys are very sure about the goodness of Flex over Silverlight, you should make a list and tell them.. but of course, you can't just keep on saying Silverlight will lose. Silverlight will lose.. You have to give the reason why Flex is better and what things flex can do while SL can't.

              I hope we should get the great list of comparison between SL 2 and Flex.