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    Flash to iMovie Help!

      Hello, I am a brand new Adobe products user. Just got CS3 Web Premium this week and I am loving every bit of it!

      Anyway, I have been working on an iMovie project that requires a bit of Flash. So I created the Flash file last night. It's a simple 3-second clip. It has a static background image (a jpg picture I took) and a couple animated graphics which I created in Photoshop and exported as PNG.

      The Flash movie came out perfectly, just as I wanted it. And so I exported it as a QT file. When viewed as a standalone QT file, it plays great and looks awesome. But when I import the QT file into iMovie (using 6 because 7 just sucks) the graphics get really degraded. The static background image looks great, but the animated graphics that I had originally created in PS look like crap.

      Any ideas?

      Any thoughts or any help on where in my process I could make changes so that the final product comes out clear in iMovie would be greatly appreciated!