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    Flash CS3 Video Encoder CuePoint XML help

      I have a properly formed CuePoint XML file I generate from an AppleScript that takes QT Chapter Marks and writes a CuePoint XML for them. However, the File Type and Creator Type of the generated file is TEXT and ttxt respectively. Flash Video encoder just ignores these files and will not even let me select them to import CuePoints. Checking sample CuePoint files created by the Encoder reveals that they have no Type or Creator set. In fact they show the attribute for these to be missing. The Encoder app refuses to open any file with a Type applied. This is beyond frustrating and just down right silly from a development stand point. Why on earth should it limit based on type in this day and age. Since there is no sane way of stripping the File Type attribute there seems to be no viable way of opening a sane, well formed Cue Point XML file created elsewhere on a Mac.

      Does anyone have a suggestion, or can you point me to where to file a really lame bug report with Adobe.