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    external dcr linked

    SAYEG Level 1
      I have a swf movie that i want to protect; so, i packed it in a dcr file and reloaded in a new director movie, like a linked external file. The dcr loads, but i don´t know how to coontrol the swf, wich is inside the dcr. Any idea?
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          what you want to control? Navigatin or Movie?
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            SAYEG Level 1
            Well, i have a flash panorama, when is linked in director with the swf format, works fine, but when i publish it in a dcr, and link this dcr, the panorama doesn't work.

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              DAVID NAJAR Level 1
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                DAVID NAJAR Level 1
                Hi, first you need to put all linked or dynamic loaded files on a folder named DSWMedia. For security reasons any file you need to run your movie and stay outside de dcr file needs to be on that folder (ok, not so true, there´s other places where you can can read files like de pref files). Second, you can control the linked flash file by script inside the Director just doing a reference to the director flash sprite by lingo or js. In fac the swf linked member most to act as when you played outside Director, some common problems are the Interaction Properties on the Flash member like eventPassMode, actionsEnables, clickMode and buttonsEnabled, check them out. Other could be some sprite, handler or object intercepting the message you need to interac with your Flash movie (mouseDown, mouseUp, and so on). There are other problems that can cause this, but I recommend to first review these options and discard the most common.

                Have a nice day
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                  SAYEG Level 1
                  Hi, thank you guys for your replies. Well, if i use a miaw (movie in a window) and call the dcr file, works fine, but a miaw does'nt work in shockwave. So, i´m looking for an alternative for shockwave, maybe with external cast. I´ll let you know the answer to this.
                  Best regards.
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                    SAYEG Level 1
                    Well, I got it. If i put the swf file in a external cats, when i publish to shockwave, i have a cct file, which is the cats file protected. By default, this cast load when needed, so, solved problem.
                    Thank you a lot.