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    Flex Builder 3 will not work on Mac

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      Flex Builder 3 & Mac OSX:

      The hard disk on my mac failed, lost everything, including Flex Builder 2. I installed a new hard disk, and downloaded the "trial" of Flex Builder 3 (FB 3). The software seemed to install fine(no errors in the install log).

      However, when I run FB 3, the default front page does not load, and tells me that the flash player as stopped because of a un-safe operation. I think okay, that is fine, but I do like the page with the links to the docs, and adobe resources. I try to build an app, default just dragged a button on the stage, and complied. However, the page does not compile. I only get the "grey" page, with no button.

      After this I re-installed the flash player (9.0.115), but still no love. I have re-installed FB 3, but the same results.
      I am using Mac OS X (power PC). Can anybody help me. I am a student at the University of Hawaii, and I am teaching myself Flex. I am thinking that the error might be with the flash player, and I am trying to install flash CS3, thinking that if I can get the stand alone flash player that way, maybe then this will work.

      Please help,
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          I am not sure what is going on, but it does work. Try starting with one of the tutorial projects and see if that works any better. Are you using the stand alone FB3 or the plug-in? Since it is a new hard disk I presume you did not have any version installed before. FB has some weirdness if there was a prior version that was not fully uninstalled.
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            johnbarrett1 Level 1
            Hi Michael,
            Thanks so much for your reply. I am surprised to find out that the problem is "safari", It seems that flash player 9 does not work on safari at all. I download Camino, and I can view Flex apps in the browser, and I am now downloading FB 3,and I am hoping that everything goes smoothly. The issue(I think) is that FB 3 was deploying Safrai, as it was the "default" browser, actually the only browser.

            I 'll let you know how things go`-`
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              johnbarrett1 Level 1
              Hi Michael,
              The default page will not load at all this time, no error just never loads.

              I just finished installing FB 3, and I am happy to say that I can view the compiled app in Camino. It works, yeah!

              Strangely if I try to open the swf generated by flex(My Project/bin-debug),and I get a prompt where is the debugger running, and then I get an error(have to press cancel, and then told that no debugger was found), but then I can view the swf. opening the html file is no problem. Do you know what this means, and how to fix it?

              Strange things going on here, but I am so excited that I have FB on my mac again.
              I had no idea that Flash player 9 did not work at all on Safrai.

              Thank again for your help,
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                Michael_Latta Level 1
                Your setup is still not right. I use FB3 with Safari on an hourly basis. The debugger works when launched from FB3 in Safari.

                I am using a local web server to host the html and swf. I am using services so I have that compiler switch on. I am also using a number of swcs at compile time to support automation.

                My local web server is using a port other than port 80 and I have FB3 configured to use that other URL as the home location of the project.
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                  Hi Michael,
                  Thanks so much for all your help!
                  I just installed FB 3 again, but still no love, yikes! I don't get it FB 2 was painless,...
                  I have the same issues, and safari does not handle any flex apps, just a blank(grey page). Can I ask a favor? Can you check this link, a flex charting app. It can view it perfectly in Camino, but just a blank page in safari. Could you check this link in safari?

                  I also still get the can't find the debugger player.
                  Maybe I need to take a on-line course(bring that I am in hawaii) to learn how to get everything set up.

                  I send a bug report to adobe, and I am hoping that somebody gets back to me, and can help me fix the problems, as I couldn't even registrar FB3, I want to start learning flex, not dealing with this.

                  Thanks so much for all your help`-`