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    Importing from Illustrator crashes Flash CS3

      Hi, I've got an issue with importing illustrator files into Flash CS3. Even with the most basic illustrator files, the import crashes the software before getting to the option dialog box. I've testet this on two separate MS Vista-computers with the same result. All updates and patches are installed. On my friends XP-computer everything seems to work. Has anyone else the same problem?
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          By the way heres is the Vista Error Log:

          Adobe Flash CS3

          Problemhendelsesnavn: APPCRASH
          Programnavn: Flash.exe
          Tidsstempel for program: 46015140
          Navn på feilmodul: AILib.dll
          Tidsstempel for feilmodul: 45c17494
          Unntakskode: c0000005
          Unntaksforskyvning: 0005bda0
          OS-versjon: 6.0.6000.
          ID for nasjonal innstilling: 1044
          Tilleggsinformasjon 1: b179
          Tilleggsinformasjon 2: 3002bfb3a6ea85a667dd3f5c05c040c5
          Tilleggsinformasjon 3: dde9
          Tilleggsinformasjon 4: c7a68b49da8650225411c072c3e54c24

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            I am having the same problem on a 2x 2.8 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon MacPro.
            A crash will occur whenever any illustrator CS3 or earlier file is imported into Flash CS3.
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              same problem here, on XP / Q6600 using CS3.

              crashes every time i try to paste or import an illustrator file into flash. Even if it's just a black box, no gradients or anything. Searching google for "ailib.dll crash" only brings up this page! Ive tried trashing my preferences to no avail.