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    Help, any suggestions on this connection

      I've reinstalled CF 8 on my Mac 10.4 Server because of problems with connecting to my MySQL database using DWCS3 located on my MacBook Pro Client. The CF8 had no problems in launching on my MAC 10.4 server before I changed my MySQL datasource/connector setup and JDBC driver from 1.5 to 1.4.; thinking that this was my problem in connecting to my DB. I've created another datasource connection in DWCS3 and I get a successful data update. But DWCS3 will not show my connections. The Binding tab shows Recordsets, and the Server Behaviors tab shows recordset, & Dynamic attributes etc. The DWCS3 Database tab shows every connection except Data source.
      Background information: 1. Two servers 10.4, 10.5, Clients 10.5 and Windows computers.
      2. The Windows using DW8 & CFMX7 works great, on problems with both services on one machine. I have yet to upgrade CFMX7 to 8.
      But the Mac's, I just can't get started, at times the connections work for a minute. But, this inconsistence is crazy. I want to get this connection on the mac's with DS3 and CF8. I've even tried using the WSDL approach with no success. The Mac 10.4 server houses the Coldfusion 8 and MySQL 5. I am using the 1.4 JDBConnector. DWCS3 is on the MacBook Pro 10.5 client computer. The RDS Login works fine. What am I missing!