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    Auto create View/Edit/Delete cfm pages for databsae records? Anyone remember CF Studio?

      Anyone use Recordmaster wizard from back in the CF Studio days?? Sometimes I really miss it! Is there anything comparable available today for the current toolset (CFeclipse or Dreamweaver)? RecordMaster was a little automated wizard thing that you could just point to a DSN and a table, and it would build a nifty set of basic pages to do admin stuff, namely view, add, edit and delete records. Very good start to build quick and dirty admin pages, and super easy.

      There was even a little built in Studio wizard that would generate record view/edit/delete pages. All just basic cfm, no cfc's.

      Anyhing? I've got to build some admin type pages here on a table with lots of fields and don't want to do it all from scratch. If I can't find anything, I may search my CD archives for an old version of Studio just to use RecordMaster! What do others use for fast creation of database record admin pages???