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    Recording 'tool tips'

    ploughman1 Level 1
      Can someone tell me the way to capture 'tool tips' (the pale yellow boxes that appear when hovering over a tool)?
      I've tried recording both with and without the 'PrintScreen' button pressed on my keyboard, but all I get is a rollover image on my slides.
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi ploughman1

          Have you ensured the following option is NOT enabled?

          Click Edit > Prefereces... > Recording node > Mode(s) node and choose Demonstration. You should see a check box labeled "Convert tooltips to rollover captions". Make sure there is no check mark in the option.

          I would think once that has been done, if you remember to press the assigned Print Screen key when you see the tooltips, they would be captured as part of the process.

          Cheers... Rick