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    linking "movieclip" menus to html pages

      I have a flash menu (consisting MAIN and SUB MENUs) created in "movieclip", not as in 'button' symbols.
      However, every time I try to navigate from page to page, the name of the file keeps on adding to the address bar, instead of refreshing it. In other words, If I was on the homepage of www.vegetables.com, and went to www.vegetables.com/celery.html, and tried to go to www.vegetables.com/carrots.html, I would get an error message and see this instead - www.vegetables.com/celery.html/carrots.html. ("see how the new page's address has been added on to the previously viewed page?)

      Does anybody have any idea on this?

      I've added the following action script to the MAIN menus:

      file = "index.html";

      and the following for the SUB menus: