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      Do you have any experience in creating a bit more sofisticated Quizes with Adobe Captivate?
      For example I would love to assign "topic" to each quastion and then evaluate at the end by the topic. If there is 100 questions on Capitals, I would love to tell the person at the end that he/she passed with 70%, but also that Europe was 95%, but Africa was only 45%.
      Do you know how to use questions more often, which were previously wrongly answered? And any idea, how to limit for example 50 questions by 1 hour?

      Thank you,
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          jbradley88 Level 2
          Hi Martin and welcome to the Captivate forums!

          Unfortunately, quizzes in Captivate aren't very sophisticated. The scoring mechanism is pretty much all or nothing. You can tell the user they passed a given quiz with 70%, but there's no way to group the results into smaller chunks.

          Captivate is really meant to report basic scores back to a Learning Management System, where more advanced reporting capability is typically found. In a perfect scenario, you would use Captivate to design a series of smaller quizzes for each continent with each quiz showing the user their "topic-level" score, then have the LMS aggregate those results into an overall score... the 70% total in your example. But that's just hypothetical unless you have an LMS that supports such a thing.

          As for a time limit, you can *sort of* limit the time in a quiz by assigning a maximum time to each question slide. For example, limiting 50 questions to 1 hour means you'd limit each question to roughly 1 minute.

          It's not very flexible, and the timing option is only available with the built-in question slides, but that's pretty much as good as it gets in Captivate.