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    Accessing OS Information about files from AIR

      I've created a minimal two-pane file explorer in Adobe AIR, based on one of the examples from Adobe consulting. I'm teaching myself AIR and since I don't like most file explorers I thought I take a stab at writing one myself.

      So far I've got the two windows, the left one offers a tree view of the current directory and the other has a more grid-like view of the files in the current directory. I've got it set up so that when you double click on a file it attempts to open the file in an HTML pane in the AIR application, but if I click on a binary file nothing happens (which is better than crashing of course ;-)).

      I'd like to query the OS about file types and do something more interesting, like loading Word if a user clicks on a .doc file or loading Excel if a user clicks on a .xls file.

      Maybe this goes against the philosophy of AIR, since it is trying to be OS agnostic, but I thought it would be a challenging application to help me learn more about AIR.

      Does anybody have any ideas about how to find out this information? I use both OSX and Windows, so information for either one would be appreciated.