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    Problems editing pages

      I am unable to edit 2 separate pages on our website using Macromedia. Upon pressing EDIT PAGE we get an error message that states, " Invalid filename. The given filename either contains illegal characters or is too long. Please note that the length of the path to the file is included in any file length limits". It only happens on these two pages and no others. We are able to edit all content on all other sections of the website. Also, many other file names which are editable are much longer than these two that don't!?

      Both our new IT support people and our new web design guy seem unable to help as they say they don't know Macromedia. Does anyone have any ideas?

      I've tried creating a new page using the existing ones as a template, but get the same error message. I've also deleted and renewed the shared settings file, again to no avail.

      Any quick fixes? Has anyone come across this problem before?