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    touchscreen and flash are having issues

      We are using a touch screen to navigate a web site for a retail kiosk _32" and 19". Everything works fine until you navigate into a portion that is built with flash. The "only" thing that we need it to do, as a function on this page is highlight a qty. box and use our numerical touch pad to update the customers desired qty. This function work fine on the html built portion of the site. To confuse our issue even more - when you use a mouse (which we won't have - because why have a touch screen) to click in the qty box - touch the numeric keypad - it works.
      I have had techs from elo and 3m beat thier heads on this one, changed every setting possible between the keypad and touchscreen.

      So, please, I am begging for help... if you knows of an program to assist, an microsoft xp adjustment - past the obvious, or what I should tell the client that the webmaster needs to do to the flash page to allow us us to lock down the curser and update the field with the touchpad.