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    mx.managers.SystemManager Problem

    Santanu Karar Level 1

      I've tried to call an external .swf (build in Flash 8 or cs3), in my mxml file in a swfLoader component. Tries to initialize the swfLoader content as mentioned in the Flex Help file..... loadedSM = SystemManager(myLoader.content); where myLoader is the swfLoader id and loadedSM the SystemManager variable.

      But everytime it returns the error - "Type Coercion failed: cannot convert efgh_fla::MainTimeline@317f6a1 to mx.managers.SystemManager."!!!

      Does this SystemManager thing only works with Flex swfs or is it only a bug!?

      Please suggest, as I need to throw or call function in that of external swf without treating these process by localConnection method.