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    loadClip() Big issue

      HI all

      i have main.swf file in which i want to import a big flash movie but due to loading problem i break this big movie into three parts macro1.swf, macro2.swf, macro3.swf.

      Now what i need, i try to load first macro1.swf using loadClip() and when macro1.swf is running meanwhile macro2.swf will load simultaneosly and when macro2.swf will run then macro3.swf will load in buffer. so i want to make my application so fast so that it will be easy to user.

      Now this is concept i trie my best but when i test in flash it run fine but in all browser it is creating problem.
      Now what i am doing .
      when macro1.swf load so during running i call function from macro1.swf to main.swf so that macro2.swf load behind the movie ...

      plz help me out ......