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    Date annoyingness

      Hi. I'm looking to convert a string in the form DD/MM/YYYY J:NN but I've just seen that the parseDateString method of dateformatter is protected. How can I convert this to a date object?

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          ntsiii Level 3
          This is one of those cases where I just took the easy way out and wrote a utility function myself. It is quite easy to use the AS Date() class to assemble any date or string you want.

          There is no magic in my stuff, and I can post my DateUtil class if you want, but you'll probably be happier to just roll your own.

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            mac_55 Level 1
            I'm sorry, would you mind posting your class? I always get confused with dates and stuff, they do my head in :D

            I must get round to reading about them properly.

            Thanks :)