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    Linked resources in .project

      I am using linked resources to avoid using absolute paths in a source-controlled BlazeDS application. I have set the ${CATALINA_HOME} linked resource in Eclipse and am using it successfully for compiler argument paths. I have also set the output folder in Project->Properties->Flex Build Path->Output Folder to use ${CATALINA_HOME}.

      However, in the .project file, a linkedResources element has been created specifying the output folder location as an absolute path, rather than using ${CATALINA_HOME}. When I try to edit the .project file to use the link token, after saving the file, Eclipse resets the path back to absolute.

      So, while my .actionScriptProperties and .flexProperties use the linked resource properly, the .project file does not, and makes it difficult to share the project.

      Any ideas on why this might be happening?

      I also don't understand why in my .actionScriptProperties, in the compiler tag, why there is both a outputFolderLocation and outputFolderPath attribute. What is the difference? The outputFolderLocation attribute uses the linked resource, while outputFolderPath is set to "bin-debug" and seems to be referencing the .project file where the linkedResource is giving me trouble. I believe this to be the case because nowhere else to I specify bin-debug to be the name of the output folder.