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    Action Scipt is flipping through button states

    Mordred58 Level 1
      Using MX 2004....I am currently creating a quiz, which I'm using to embed into another swf file via XML. After wrestling around with the quiz template, and not getting that to work (couldn't get component buttons to show text when embedded), so I began generating the quiz on my own. I've created movie clips to use as buttons, and they have various states (up, over, down, selected, correct, incorrect, disable). The questions on each screen are just static text boxes with the questions typed in. I am using the "Check answer" button to actually check for the correct or incorrect answer, depending on what has been checked.

      When I test the file, it automatically goes to various button states...for example...it goes directly to the states that they would need if the question has been answered correctly, even though there is no code to do that.

      if anyone would like to see the actual file, I am more than happy to e-mail it. I thank anyone in advance for any help or suggestions that you can give.