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    How can I load movie on (onPress) and then check if the invoked has not been called by any other members before? Thx

    combustion007 Level 1
      Hello Everyone,

      I would highly appreciate your wisdom and advice on this functionality. Lets say I have two
      movieclips on the stage(ClipA, ClipB). I would like user to be able to click on any of them and, this click
      will invode a createclip function which pretty much creates a dynamic movieclip and loads
      whatever I assign to it such other existing clips within the library. The only problem I have
      makeing the functionality work is that I would like to limit the function call to one at a time.

      So if the user clicks on ClipA, function createclip would get invoke and will attach the assigned
      movie clip. And when user clicks on ClipB, I would like to end the function call that was invoked
      by the ClipA and then then allow ClipB to invoke the function.

      Pretty much it would a logic like:

      if(createClip = true)
      end it;


      When a movie is attached, can it be unloaded or unattached?

      I don't know how to write a function that would check if function createClip() has
      already been invoked. I would highly appreciate any direction in this.