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    ScrollPane woes

    RossRitchey Level 4
      Alright, so I am trying to create a scrollable list of checkboxes, which loads in from XML.

      I have a scrollPane on my stage, and its contentPath is set to a blank movieClip in my library.

      I call scrollPaneInstance.content.createClassObject(CheckBox......)

      The checkbox loads properly, with the correct labes, but the scrollPane resizes itself to the height of the content, instead of staying the same height and turning on the scroll-bar. How do I get this to work???

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          RossRitchey Level 4
          Wow, sometimes I think just posting my problem on this forum gets me to figure out the answer. I've been struggling with this one for days, and I finally decided to post it here. Now, not even 5 minutes after my posting, I figure out the problem.

          Apparently Flash doesn't like it if I set my checkbox = to something. I changed the placeCheckbox function to this:

          function placeCheckbox(yP:Number, lbl:String){

          And, all of a sudden, it works perfect!