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    Playing video clip in existing Flash movie

      I am a newbie to Flash and am modifying a Flash template. The template has animation and sound that loops during display of the page. I want to insert a button that will play an external Flash clip. I already have converted my clip to an .flv file and can view it using "test movie." (I do not want to embed it since it is a 30 sec clip.) My question: how do I trigger the display of this movie using a button? How can I include a button on the movie clip so I can return to the main .swf file and resume display once the viewer has finished with the clip? Don't I need to include a "stop sound" to avoid conflicts with the sound running on the page? Is there a tutorial on how you do this?
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          wizardchef Level 1
          For any other newbie reading this post, many of my problems had to do with the fact that my original movie was written as AS 1, which did not support most of the instructions I have found on the Internet and in books. Once I republished the page in AS 2, components appeared that I needed and I am able to make progress on this.

          Newbies ... after hours of looking I have never found anything that lays out clearly the difference between AS 1 and AS 2 (AS 3 is another story) especially regarding importing video clips ... that I could follow, at least! So, beware.