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      I am in a support role and totally new at this web thing. My skills at mind melding with cisco routers appear useless at this time. this is the communication from our end user/developer of captivate 3. Please help me. My end user plea is below:

      I was able to end-user test (using http: address) the first two scenarios (no audio with text/graphics and audio with text/graphics) with five individuals simultaneously. I will find out from Kurt Friday morning what the network results were for those tests.

      However, I was unable to test the last three scenarios. It appears that something must be loaded on the Webserver (Webtrain) and the client desktop (End-user PC) for the animation files that are inserted into the captivate file to be recognized.

      I came to this conclusion because of the following:

      • Why do I believe the PC client is missing something? I have direct access to the Webtrain server and when I access the captivate htm file through Windows Explorer on the PC in the I-lab that has Flash CS4 loaded, the animation files run in the captivate file. However, when I signed on to my own laptop (that only has Flash MX) loaded on it and accessed the Webtrain server through Windows Explorer, the animation files do not run in the captivate file. Also, when I signed on using my ID to a training room PC and accessed the Webtrain server through Windows Explorer and accessed the htm file directly, the animation files did not work in the captivate file. Summary: Something must get installed onto the client when you install Flash CS4 or Captivate 3 that is needed to recognize/run these SWF animations in Captivate. It cannot just be the Flash plug-in because my laptop has the latest Flash 10 plug-in loaded on it and I still cannot see the SWF animations in the Captivate file.
      • Why do I believe the Webtrain server is missing something? When I directly access the captivate file through Windows Explorer on the I-lab PC that has Flash CS4 and Captivate 3 on it, the SWF animations work in the Captivate file. However, when I type http://webtrain/elearningprojecttesting/etc... address in the Address Bar of IE on that same I-lab PC, the animation files in Captivate do not run.
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          Welcome to our community, leftyfork

          Very odd. Normally all we have to do is to upload or copy files from the PC that created the Captivate to the server. As long as all the files exist in the same folder we are golden. I might ask if you were certain that you copied all the files, as oftentimes the animation files are external and separate. But seeing as how things work just dandy when you view from the server side, it would seem you have the files in place.

          How long have you waited? I ask because it may take a brief period for the files to display as they are separate. If your server is slow in responding, perhaps the delay in presentation could be making you feel it's broken.

          Wishing I had more to offer here... Rick