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    Flash Player Presentation Loop?


      I have a presentation in FlashPlayer that needs to be looped? I did not create the presenation, it was given to me via cd and I transfered the contents to the hard drive. I assume that the presentation came written with flashplayer because I cannot see a flashplayer program in the start menu or the control panel on my pc. Now the presentation plays the video but there are 3 parts and to get them to play you have to click on each one so for example on this one there are 3 parts, after part 1 finishes you have to click on part 2 then to part 3 and if you want it to start over your have to click on part 1 again. Does that make sense? Is there a way to make the presentation to play so that all 3 will play one after another then once 3 finishes, it loops back to part 1 and starts again? Can someone please let me know?


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          I'm going to take a guess and say that it was NOT Flashpaper althought you could be looking at a Flash file with Flashpaper in it.

          It is possible to loop SWF files but to have one video play after the next when there is a “stop” function or a “On Click” function is hard if not impossible without working with it on a code level.
          This means that you'll need the FLA file or a SWF decompiler.

          You have 3 types of basic Flash files:
          FLA – When working with Flash [like Flash MX, or Flash CS3] you have access to all that you need to make what you want .... Looping, continuous play or whatever.

          FLV – Flash video files for playing video files in Flash. You'll need a Flash player or a Flash codec with a media play like Windows Media Player.

          SWF – These are what published FLA files become when you've finished creating what you want. These can also have the videos as well.

          I'm sorry if I'm helping but Check out a website called FLASHKIT.com.

          They can help you for sure.

          Also check the CD if you still have it and look for the FLV files which may make things a little easier for you if you need to “reinvent” the wheel.

          But check out FlashKit.com and post your question there.....