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    Help Creating A Link

      Ok I need help creating links with my banner. It's a take off of Macromedia's tutorial banner for the Coffee Shop.
      What it is, is a banner. You have the "Front page" of the banner. And it has a next button. The User clicks the next button and it displays the next "page" of the banner. I WANT the user to then click THAT page (or somewhere) on that "page" to be directed to a whole new page IN the current browser window. Can ANYONE please tell me how to change the script below so it will do that?

      /* 0 */
      var image0title:String = "Click Next To View:";
      var image0desc:String = "Photos, Videos, Forums, Screen-Shots, Stories And Much, Much More";
      var image0uri:String = "images/Ban1.jpg";
      /* 1 */
      var image1title:String = "Video Section";
      var image1desc:String = "Click Here to view a multitude of videos we've made ourselves.";
      var image1uri:String = "images/Ban2.jpg";

      The image1title:String is my title text on my banner.
      The image1desc:String is the description text on my banner.
      The images/ban2.jpg is my background image on my banner.

      I don't care of some of that TEXT is the link....or what I really want is the background img to be the link. Either works for me can anyone please fix this? I've only spent 2 hours on ActionScripting and trying to learn. I couldn't figure out how to do it through the tutorials. Thanks. IM or email me! eve_ruso@yahoo.com