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    Radio Buttons

    Opera Rat Level 1
      This should be simple, but as usual, it's not. I'm using 2 radio buttons in a group, a yes and a no. Now with Flash components you get the Flash tab in the properties screen. I have data for yes = yes (I'm not sure if that is right) and no = no. group name is HippyGroup and no is selected. I thought that there was some amount programming in these components. But I can still select both of them. And then I can't unselect either. How do I fix it so only one can be selected. And then how do I get the data value and save it. I'm using buddyApi with baWriteIni( "Type", "Style", member("style").text, the moviePath&"file.ini" ) and then I want to read it back somehow so that when the program is loaded again it will read the file and check which ever box was checked upon saving.