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    Use AIR to extend CS3?

    Steveorevo Level 1
      When I heard that AIR allowed me to leverage jQuery I was excited! I would like to leverage these great features to extend CS3 applications. For instance, writing Dreamweaver extensions using DW's JavaScript DOM could be made heaps better by leveraginig jQuery to do major parsing for say, writing complex DW translators. Unfortunately DW's javascript can't meet the task running jQuery natively (this is just one example).

      Is there a way to leverage Adobe AIR to extend CS3 applications like Dreamweaver? I thought about possibly performing interprocess communication via Flash embedded in a DW floater, but its looking like I'm stuck getting Flash to talk back to DW's JavaScript and Flash -> AIR/Flash is another hurdle. Anyone got any ideas? Is WebKit actually communicating over a socket? My other resolve would be to write a mini HTTP service in Java (maybe AIR?) that could leverage DW's HTTP I/O API to communicate back and forth.

      Any thoughts greatly appreciated. Otherwise, all I can say is that AIR's xcross platform appeal (looking nice) should be extended to extend Adobe xcross platform products! This would be ideal as it would result in value added resale of more Adobe suites. -I can think of another company that loves it when developers extended their (Office) suite of application with their own development tools ;)
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          Steveorevo Level 1
          Doesn't look like this is possible at this time. Which is a shame. A better choice would be to use Java for a cross platform solution and communicate via sockets.

          Perhaps Adobe will see the value in VAR (value added resale) of their products. Right now, it appears that Microsoft's Office Suite/Expression/Silverlight suite is the best bet for developing VAR software solutions for my clients.