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    Modular AIR application

      Hi, all! I'm just learning AIR and I have a question - is it possible to create modular application based on AIR? Here under "modular application" I mean that - we have a basic application which stores it's configuration information in local SQLite db and we have some kind of "plugins" - we download it, installs but after installation we have this "plugin" functionality in our base application, but no the plugin stand alone installed. We can see such approach for example when installing FlexBuilder plugin for Eclipse. I want to try to realise the same approach in building AIR application. Is it possible to achiave this goal?
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          Joe ... Ward Level 4
          It is possible, and even easier in AIR 1.5 and Flex 3.2 than in earlier versions.

          The main thing you have to be careful about is security -- making sure that your plug-ins arrive at the client untainted. You can use the AIR XMLSignatureValidator class to help with this problem. See http://www.adobe.com/devnet/air/flex/quickstart/xml_signatures.html. It covers a couple ways to get a "module" to a client and to verify that it hasn't changed since you signed it, but doesn't cover how to load the module into your application. There are various ways to do this depending on whether you are using Flex, Flash, or JavaScript and whether you need to load the modules into the application security sandbox or not.