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    Where to Load Movies

    ottz0 Level 1
      I have my main file with 3 links.

      One of these links is a photo gallery. When the link is clicked, I have a strip of thumbnails that opens from the bottom of the main page. Then I want to click the thumbnail that loads another swf file.

      At the moment the strip of thumbnails is an internal movie clip and when you click on a thumnail this will then load an external swf.

      However my links on the main page are all over the place.

      When I click eg: photos, the animation happens ok, but if I then click link 1 the photos strip is still there.

      How can I action these buttons to transition between links, so each link works indepenently. Fade in/out. And without having separate swfs.

      Otherwise I need to bring in the photos strip on enterframe some how and try to target an external swf that's not part of the mother file.