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    Line Spacing Difficulties

    CantinaDan Level 1
      Hello. I'm new to Flash and am working on my first project.

      I've created a text box and set it to Static Text. I've got a few lines of copy. I've set the line spacing to 4pt. But between certain other lines I've set the spacing to 10pt. This works fine on my stage. But when I preview the file it all reverts to just the 4pt. Is it not possible to have multiple line spacing values within one text box? A return creates too much space and there doesn't appear to be a soft return option. Is my only option to create multiple text boxes? Yikes!

      Thanks very much!
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          The answer is that Adobe KNOWS this does not work but refuses to fix it. Just like a myriad of other bugs in Flash and Fireworks CS4. If you write to them, they will IGNORE you. If you call them, they will tell you that they know about the issue, but will say no more. This is like a dealership selling you a car with windows that don't work and then refusing to fix it. Maybe we should wait for CS5 and buy that to see what kind of new bugs appear! Man, I miss Macromedia! Adobe: Are you listening???