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    Can't access _global variables on Crossdomain

      Hi, I've encountered a problem on crossdomain scripting, I placed the parent.swf on www.mysite.com and its child.swf on http://xx.xxx.xx.xxx (IP ADD). Then I loaded the child.swf from the parent.swf, this loads perfectly, as I can see the child.swf on the parent.swf stage.

      The problem is that the child.swf can't access _global.var (and _global functions) that was set on the parent.swf , the reason I've known this, is I setup a dynamic text on the child.swf and place this script:

      txtstatus.text = _global.var

      and the result is 'undefined'. I read all the security issues I can found on the Adobe site and google searches, and follow the steps to System.security.allowDomain(). But still it doesn't work, even if I placed the script on both swf:


      I can't sleep at night so if anyone experienced this and have solved it, I would really be grateful if you share some light on this topic.

      Thanks in advance!