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    Commanding a parent movie clip

      Hi guys, hope you can help. Firstly I'm new to Flash - please be gentle!

      I have 2 SWF files, A and B. A is a master page which loads B into itself (for use as a menu) using loadmovie. In B there are images that, when clicked, load an image into a programmatically created mc in A . Loading and rotating this mc from B is fine, however I cannot seem to, for example, apply filters to the mc in A from B . Also I can't seem to draw into A either.

      My ultimate aim is to have, when clicked in B, the mc in A display the photo (this works). Then I want to draw a white rectangle behind the mc and apply a drop shadow to it - the idea being that it ends up looking like a polaroid.

      I hope that makes sense!! Below is the code I am running (using Flash 8).

      Thanks a lot!

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          sorry had very less time i jus gave a glance to ur code bu don have the sufficient time to do it all at my end n c whats the prob...

          but i guess i know where u r stuck ....c lockroot property..when u load a file using loadMovie...using _root..here in ur case its _level0..it refers to _root of the loaded movie n not _root of the movie into which u loaded ...so use _lockroot property first in the fla that u r trying to load..
          i hope that ll solve the problem