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    Fonts - irregular treatment

      It has been a while since doing web publishing.

      I know large is a relative application of sizing.
      And that point in theory is absolute.

      My print versus online treatment of text varies.

      I'm using Times in my headers and Arial in the body. Stylistically it looks great but having a hard time with sizing.
      Microsoft's style sheet isn't that great, but it has been recommended by one person to use as a foundation.

      Can anyone point me in the right direction with a good format?
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          MergeThis Level 4
          The Times font (as are all serif fonts) is more suited to the print world. Online usage tends to favor non-serif fonts, such as Arial for Headings and Verdana for text.

          Good luck,
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            _K_C_ Level 1
            Thanks for your comments. I was aware of this.

            Because I am using 3 levels in addition to the body, I wanted to have enough variation in font treatment for 4 levels.

            The best way I thought to achieve that was to use Times for the headers and Arial for the body.

            I am of the opinion that print will soon be mostly Arial as well.
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              kmaddox1 Level 1
              Hi K C,

              FWIW, I use large, medium, small, and xsmall fonts for my headings, which are in Verdana online and Arial in print. Normal text is also in Verdana online but in Times in print. (I was brought up hearing that big blocks of text are faster to read in print when in a serif font and faster to read online when in sans serif.)

              To distinguish the different heading levels, I change the indent (my Normal style is indented in 20 px from h1 and h2 but shares the same indent with h3 and h4). I also use color and bold for the headings, which really sets them off and allows my h4 to use the same xsmall font as Normal.