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    Kuler for InDesign, PS, Flash

      I am requesting to bring kuler (and in offline form as well!) to the entire creative suite.

      Its great that its in Illustrator, however it is VERY much needed in InDesign and PS as well. and therefore, may as well be embedded within every program of the suite. the online connection is nice, but not always practical or possible. *note, i have tried the adobe air download too, but thats just an online thing? is there anyway to just USE it?
      make colours, if not online?

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          Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
          Thanks for the post, James, good to know there is interest in seeing kuler integrated with other Creative Suite applications! For now, see the kuler mashups wiki page to see the kuler panels other members have created for Flash CS3, Fireworks CS3, and Dreamweaver C3.

          The kuler desktop (AIR) lets your browse offline by caching up to 100 themes per feed. Currently you cannot create colors using the desktop. For offline color creation, if you have Illustrator CS3, you can use the Live Color feature, which kuler's color algorithms are based off of.