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    Using WebHelp in a Java application

      Hi everyone,

      I've been given the green light to investigate what it would take to display our current RoboHelp-generated JavaHelp 2.0 project, currently linked up to a Java application, as a Webhelp project instead. It's built in RoboHelp 5.02 HTML.

      We've had two JavaHelp output corruptions in the last month, caused by RoboHelp, and people around here are getting nervous. The search function failed twice.

      The key to changing over to WebHelp, I think, is to rationally counter any arguments our Java programmers will have, since they were the ones who so strongly advocated for JavaHelp 4 years ago when we first built it. I expect the "conversion" will require some work on their end (almost none on ours), but I need to get details.

      Any info you could give me (names of people I could call or email too) would be greatly appreciated.