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    SCORM without quiz/questions

      hi people, i just want to confirm this before I present my findings on captivate next week.
      If a captivate project doesn't have an assessment/quiz component, it just has demo and simulation. I can still track user completion on LMS?
      All i need to do is tick 'enable reporting for this project' under preferences?
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          retro74 Level 1
          In general Yes. Scorm requires a quiz or other feedback. You can essentially do a Pass / Fail setting in the global setup of the Quiz. You can set a NEXT> or perhaps FINISH button to "score" that event and then the Scorm standard will be met.

          You are basically tricking the scorm scoring requirement to accept some score, regardless of how that score was derived.

          Scorm is looking for completion so that the LMS can flag a score, pass/fail or an incomplete course. So this makes a bit of sense if you think about it. Scorm needs to know if the task was completed in some way.

          Hope this helps.

          Joe C.
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            FreeMan04 Level 1
            Thanks, I will try it on our LMS