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    Changing installation path of the runtime? Install by User?

    maddec Level 1

      I'm currently facing a situation where I need to deploy an AIR application to users who do not have admin rights.
      I know that AIR does not allow doing that. But I've tested that one of the main thing preventing from installing AIR on this definite environment is that writing is not allowed to program files folder.
      I've run tests using other install packaging tools and manage to make it working perfectly by targeting mydoc folder instead of program files folder and also by specifying a per user install. Everything works fine (even more advanced features not possible with the official installer like environment variables, patches...)
      I wonder if there's a way to say AIR to be installed on a per user base and to change the path of the runtime installation (this may not break the update mechanism because as far as I tested it, it just changes app information regarding its path).

      I understand clearly why Adobe do not want to make AIR standalone because it is against the entire focus of this technology. But I've read that plenty of people are in situation where they may use AIR to develop rich software application to produce tools internally of a company, without having to go with the expensive and time consuming process of going through the regular IT installation procedure. On the one hand Adobe may loose the advantage of having an entire company making AIR available on their computers worldwide, on the other hand they may improve in term of AIR latest version adoption and making this technology considered lightweight, flexible and useful technology within big international companies internal use. (and it may be a step before the full adoption within the company?)

      Thank you in advance for giving me the official approach on this point.

      Best regards.

      Cedric M. (aka maddec)