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    monkey patching flex framework rsl

      I've overriden a couple of minor things in the flex framework that didn't quite work right and have been able to do so as we've been merging the flex framework into our swf. But for performance reasons we'd rather use the flex framework as a cached rsl. But when I do this either the overridden classes (Panel in this instance) doesn't get included in my swf or it does get included but it loads it from the flex framework rsl instead. Is there a way of doing this?

      Is there documentation out there on what the order of precedence is when loading a class in the flash vm? (Ex: Does it first look in the framework rsl then other rsl's then the main swf?) I'd be interested to know how that works. What about if the same class was in two different rsl's? Is there a way of controlling which rsl would be looked at first to see if it contains the class?