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    Installation/Uninstallation of AIR Applications

      Hello, have set of questions related to the installation/uninstallation of AIR applications:
      1. Is it possible to add some custom behavior/custom actions to the installation process?
      2. Is it possible to hook UNINSTALLATION event from within the application and provide some custom actions before the application will be uninstalled?

      If these features are not supported yet, are they going to be implemented in further versions of AIR?

      Thank you,
      Dmitriy Ivanov
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          Oliver Goldman Adobe Employee

          No, neither of these are possible in 1.0. A couple of things to keep in mind:

          1) Even if some action could be taken during installation, it would only apply at best to the user who installed the application. Other uses on the same machine might also run the application, however. It's generally better then to handle these kinds of tasks when the application is first run. The same is true of uninstall.

          2) Furthermore, there is no uninstall operation at all on Mac OS--the application is just dragged to the trash.

          Oliver Goldman | Adobe AIR Engineering