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    Drag&Drop from Browser to AIR App

      Hi there,

      i wonder how it is possible to drag an element from a flash page in my browser to an air app on my desktop. i've seen the showcase of the nickelodeon jigsaw game on adobe.com, but the videos looks kind of post-processed.

      do you have any tipps on how to enable flash/AIR drag&drop trespassing the browser borders?
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          I remember someone mentioning the nick app at FITC, and as far as I can remember it sounded like a fairly involved process. When you start dragging something from the browser app, its sends the bitmap/binary data to the AIR app (using a sharedObject/localConnection). The AIR app then takes that data and creates a replica image on your screen, which I'm guessing means it uses a fullscreen transparent window. So as far as I understand it, as soon as you start dragging something, the whole thing is handled by AIR.
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            blh99 Level 1
            Thanks for your answer.

            i already tried something like this, but i still have problems with getting the newly created entity dragged. how can I position the new entity from my air app directly under the mouse cursor? so far i didn't find any screen mouse position functions or properties. If I use a fullscreen, always on top window with mostly transparent parts, I can't capture the mouse position using MOUSE_MOVE all the time. Besides, how can I change the focus from my browser to my air app? I already tried calling nativeWindow.orderToFront() and nativeWindow.activate(), but the focus doesn't change when I click the entity in my flash page.

            Maybe somebody knows an answer to this ...