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    Vista Compatibility Issues Temp Fix

      when i first installed this application i noticed a big bug in the way in which using a brush causes lag on Vista. i set out to find a hotfix but neither Microsoft or Adobe have released one and so to combat this, i came up with the following solution:

      1) right click the "Fireworks.exe" that is in your installation folder (probably C:\Program Files\Adobe\)
      2) Select"properties",
      3) go into the "compatibility" tab
      4) check the box "disable desktop composition".
      5) apply changes

      after saving this will automatically switch Vista desktop theme to Vista Basic when you open the program, and change back to Aero when closed.
      ps. i tried to post this is the support thingy-ma-bob but they only allowed 300 characters. i hope this helps some people out there =]