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    Upgrading RH V5 to V7 concerns


      Our office just purchased and installed two licenses for RH 7 and two other users still have RH 5. All of our Help content is in RH 5 format when we went to open a project using RH 7 the message stated the version was not compatible and did we want to convert the project docoments to version 7. Here are the concerns...
      1. If we convert the docs to v.7 can the users that are still running v.5 access, view and/or edit these docs or will they need v.7?
      2. Will this change all the docs in our online help relating to that project and will users be able to look at them or do we need to convert all of the docs (by opening them all in their separate projects) and convert each one individually?

      Since we don't know what this newer version will do, we are hesitant to go ahead with using it.

      Also, is there a good tutorial or training documentation somewhere on the web that we could access as we are all newbies with this, the person who used RoboHelp v.5 is no longer here and no one else understands this product very well as she didn't train anyone.

      Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.


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          RoboWizard Level 4
          Welcome to our community, Kathleen

          First off, before upgrading a project you will want to ensure you apply both patches to your 7 installs. Then ensure you have backups. Just in case.

          Any project touched with 7 will not be usable in X5. Dem's da breaks I suppose.

          End users shouldn't notice anything different unless you choose to dramatically change something such as the skin used or employ something like the new breadcrumbs feature.

          I offer internet based training at attractive rates if you are interested.

          Cheers... Rick
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            ktleonard Level 1
            Hi Rick,

            Thanks for the reply and the info, you just saved us some problems, guess we can't use RH 7 until we have all the licenses upgraded. You also mentioned patches? What patches would these be and backups? No one here has ever done a backup for the RH projects.

            You'll have to excuse my ignorance, I've never used this program, the 'expert' has left with no documentation to support it, the other user doesn't know it well and I'm a consultant working here on a project where we need to use RH...so I guess we should figure out how to perform a BU on these projects and apply the patches.

            Would we download the patch from Adobe?

            Is there a 'formal' backup procedure in RH to help us with this or would the daily backup IT performs already include this?
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              Hello again

              RoboHelp should be checking for updates on its own. But if you want to force it, click Help > Updates...

              RoboHelp Projects should exist somewhere. Preferably on your hard drives, but folks store them in all sorts of places. You may find them on a shared resource. Basically a project consists of many different files.

              * HTM files
              * JS files
              * APJ files
              * XPJ file
              * CPD file
              * CSS files

              All the files inside the folder are typically copied to another folder (or a CD-ROM, CD-RW, Thumb Drive, External media) to create the backup copy. You may wish to zip the folder after copying.

              Cheers... Rick
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                ktleonard Level 1
                Hi Rick,

                Thanks for that, I'll let them know they need to back these up first and update the patches.

                I appreciate the information.