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    director LoadMovie

    Sketch24 Level 1
      Hi I was wondering if its possible in Director 11 to load external swf files. Like LoadMovie with Flash.
      In my application: I have a projector (director one) Inside the projector I have a swf file, main project. I use Director only to create the projector and a couple director fonction not included in flash. What I'm trying to do is to tell Director to load my main swf files like a flash loadMovie (external file). The reason why I want to do this is because I have to change the main.swf file often. So if it's possible to load external swf I won't need to open director, and replace the cast member with the new one each time I change the main file. If I can overwrite the external main.swf It will save time.
      Its a dvd-rom (couple different dvds) that why i have to change the swf file. I use Director 11 and LFash CS3.

      * resume = is there a loadMovie (flash like) in Director. Loading external swf inside director projector.