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    Support for AIR to launch another AIR app

      Is there any plan to support one installed AIR application to open another installed AIR application?

      For example, I have a Proposal Generator application. Occasionally, the user needs to perform financial calculations. I have a Financial Calculator. Both of these are excellent stand-alone applications.

      If both apps are open, I can successfully use the LocalConnection class to communicate back and forth. This all works fine.

      The problem is that if the Calculator is not open, we simply need to open it.

      Seems like there should be a simple way to allow this to happen without a lot of gyrations. I see this as a simple "Calculator" button in the Proposal app could somehow cause the Calculator to be loaded.

      The allowBrowserInvocation is limited to making me prepare an SWF which in turn requires the user to click a button.

      Perhaps something similar to the LocalConnection.allowDomain method, where the Calculator could opt-in to allow to be invoked by another AIR app in the same or permitted domain.