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    Dynamic text will not load from external txt

    margotdarby Level 1
      I've been working on a personal all-Flash webpage in order to refresh my Flash knowledge. Initially the site is built in Flash 8, AS2.0.

      The first two text boxes, on the splash page, work fine. They load both the html text and the css. But the next text box, in page 3 (frame 3) does not load any external text, no matter what coding (AS2.0) solution I've used. Here is most of the site as it looks now:


      Two text boxes appear on page 1 and are styled. But if you click the 'fun' button and go to page 3, the white portion of the page is blank. There is a text box there that does not fill. I have tried code with LoadVars, loadVariables, etc., but nothing external loads, with or without html or css styling.

      If this sounds like a familiar problem, let me know. Or if you have a site with many text boxes and can share the code, I'd love to see that. I am going to redo this site in AS3.0, but want to solve this problem first!