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    Loss of quality in screenshots using Presenter 6

      We started with Breeze and now use Presenter 6. We have noticed the quality of screen shots inserted in PowerPoint presentations has diminished. We use Fullshot 9.5 Professional for screen shots, import them as .png images into PowerPoint presentations and then publish using Presenter 6.0. The text in the images viewed using Presenter are unclear and difficult to read. The whole image is somewhat grainy. Has anyone else noticed a decrease in image quality between Breeze and Presenter? BTW we often lose the .ppc files and the audio associated with the presentations. When's Adobe going to do something about it?
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          flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)
          Try upgrading to Presenter 6.2 (or Presenter 7 later this month) and see if that solves your problems. You may also want to go into the Presentation Settings menu and set the image quality to high. That may solve the picture quality setting.

          Otherwise an updated version will give more support and fix known issues.

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            robva65 Level 2

            I can't honestly say that we've seen a huge difference between 5.1 and 6.0 (compared to what you've described), but the one thing that has ALWAYS been a problem is the manner in which text elements render when the ppt deck is converted during the publishing process. I still haven't pinned it down yet, but graphics that have text in them (for example: a graphic designed in Photoshop with text elements in it) have never really looked great when viewed in a Breeze/Presenter course.

            I've tried png's, tiff, jpgs, bmp...you name it. One workaround that seems to fair a bit better is to make sure that your text elements are added only in the PowerPoint environment...so rather than adding text in Photoshop, do it in PPT instead. I realize that's not practical if you're taking screen shots, so here's another technique that's been reported on these forums in the past:

            No matter what kind of image(s) you use in PowerPoint, you will always end up with some level of compression as the deck is converted during the publishing process. No getting around that. So...some folks have suggested that if you convert your screen shot(s) into swf files, there's less likelihood of having the imagery compressed further.
            And there's a couple of methods you could test to determine which works best for you:

            1. Take the screen shot and port it over to Flash; from there create a swf and then re-insert onto your slide.
            2. Or take that same screen shot and port it into Illustrator or Fireworks; both have the ability to export to swf, and from there, re-insert the swf onto the slide
            3. Another approach would be to take the screen shot(s) with Captivate and then export to swf from there.

            Really wish there was better news here, but that's the best info I can offer at this point.