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    General Performance For Larger-Scale Flex/AIR Apps?

      Have done a couple small Flex apps (applets, I'd call 'em) for clients. Nothing too serious. Just started a mid-size app for a client which I'll be turning into a larger-scale app for myself to run through Flex/AIR.

      Anybody out there done any "industrial-strength" apps using Flex or AIR, calling forth large query-result-sets from databases, handling very large XML files, or multiple XML files, etc.?

      The best (/most-extensive) graphics-use I've seen is from http://www.picnik.com, but I have yet to experience any larger scale (more app/data/office-type) of apps.

      If there are any examples please let me know. I hope I'm not heading into uncharted water...

      Thanks for any replies.